Affordable Film-backed Discs

Uneeda Enterprises in Spring Valley, New York has found a way to offer woodshops film-backed discs at about the price of paper ones. Film is known to be generally superior to paper as it allows for a more uniform and consistent abrasive coating. Not only is film waterproof, it provides better flexibility and durability so it can have two or three times the lifespan of paper for certain applications. Until now, film was twice as expensive as paper, but new technological advancements are allowing Uneeda to offer its Filmtek discs at prices comparable to those of paper. They come in a range of grits from 100 to 1000, are clog resistant, are stearated to minimize loading, and deliver a fast cut and a consistent finish. The grain is aluminum oxide with a resin over resin bond with a semi-open coating. Standard 5, 6 and 8-hole patterns are available, as well as multi-hole, 5/16 or 11/16 with 8 holes, and 6×17 Festool discs. Call 877-863-3321 with questions.