Altendorf Sliders Price Reduction | Woodezine
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Altendorf Sliders Price Reduction


On June 25th, Altendorf Group America in Mooresville, North Carolina announced price cuts on its two WA 8 sliding table saws, which are the heart and soul of many small to medium sized woodshops. The T model went from $18,900 to $16,500, which is a decrease of about 12.7%, and the price tag on the TE model (shown) dropped from $21,900 down to $18,500. The WA 8 T has manual tilt and height adjustment, while the TE model’s height and angle are adjusted at the press of a button. A digital display of the settings remains in the operator’s vision during cutting, and it has a rip fence cutting width of 1,000 mm (39+”). An additional floor support option means that it can handle workpieces up to 4,300 mm (169″) long, but even without this accessory, a very respectable sliding table length of 3,400 mm (133″) is possible. Options for the saw include a Rapido scoring system, a handy LED illumination system, and a laser cutting line marker.