Altendorf’s F 25

Billed by the company as “a table saw for everyone”, the new F25 from Altendorf is an industrial quality machine that is within the budget constraints of most small shops. It’s extremely precise, relatively simple to operate and delivers excellent cutting quality. The saw aggregate, which can be tilted on one side, also makes angular cuts possible. The smooth-running sliding table is based on the Altendorf system and like the digital height and tilt display, is part of the standard design. Among the features and options are a scoring blade for tear-free edges, LED lighting in the danger area of the scoring unit, and various upgrades for the rip fence and sliding table. We’ve seen the F25 advertised at just over $13,000 in the U.S. and 10,000 Euros (about $11,386) in the U.K. Visit the website to get more info or a quote.