An Exceptionally Flexible Vise


There’s a YouTube™ video about the new Universal Workbench Vise from Garrett Wade (item 05R10.06, $175) that is definitely worth watching if you’re a carver, pattern maker or other woodworker who needs to hold odd-shaped parts. Most bench vises have two parallel faces, and this does, too. But its genius is that it is expressly made for clamping non-parallel objects and irregular shapes. It has a 5½” jaw opening capacity, and both rubber-lined wood jaws pivot 360˚ along the horizontal, which means that you can also face them outward to use them as a spreader. The wooden jaws can also be removed and/or modified. The vise mounts securely to any work surface up to 6″ thick, so it can be attached to a 2X and locked into a bench vise. The jaws ride on dual 3/8″ x 2″ flat steel guide ways and are adjusted by hand with a hardened Acme screw. Because of its heavy weight (32 lbs), a ground shipping surcharge applies and air shipping is not available.