An Incredibly Simple Way to Build Drawers

The new Claw Connector from Häfele (item CC 8/5/30 in the Ixconnect line) is a brilliant solution to assembling drawers. Just drill a couple of holes, pop in the connectors and as you fold out the drawer-sides the connectors lock into the back of the drawer face with no need for tools, glue, clamps or even much more than a few seconds of time. The one-piece, zinc alloy connectors are designed for stock that is at least ½” thick, so they will work with thin fronts. They’re even removable. You drill a 3/16” hole in the end of the drawer side, and a 5/16” hole in the back of the drawer face, and you’re done. A matching, tool-free connector (the RPC D 5/24) is available for snapping the back panel in place. Together, they can reduce drawer assembly time to mere seconds with no mess and no misalignment. There’s a YouTube™ video of the process.