The Ellipse Jig from Micro Fence

An Industrial Quality, Highly Precise, Easy to Use Elliptical Jig from Micro Fence (Sponsored)

Woodshops that need to rout ellipses for oval windows, tabletops, furniture elements and other components will be impressed with the newly redesigned Ellipse Jig from Micro Fence. Using the company’s renowned fine-adjustment controls, this production grade jig essentially eliminates the math involved in cutting an ellipse and reduces everything to just two dimensions – the radius of the largest measurement, and the distance between two centers.

The jig consists of a beautifully cast aluminum base (called an axes plate) that supports cross-shaped tracks. A pair of T-slot slides are designed to glide along the tracks, and the size of the ellipse is determined by the distance between these. The magic here is how easy it is to set up, and the incredibly reliable engineering.

Making different sized elliptical panels from roughly two to six feet in their longest dimension is just a matter of attaching different lengths of T-slot tracks and resetting the two centers. Or the woodshop can upgrade to a kit that extends that long dimension all the way out to twelve feet for projects such as conference tables or oval transoms. Custom tracks and rods are also available for shops that have more specific needs.

There are a number of key elements here. First of all, the base is perfectly flat and that not only delivers incredibly smooth movement but also provides built-in endurance: it means that the jig will stay flat over time. That’s of particular interest to woodworkers who choose to upgrade to Micro Fence’s optional vacuum hold-down attachment, which makes it a lot easier to produce multiples of a shape and avoids having to drive screws into the bottom face of a tabletop to hold the jig in place.

Next, the jig takes advantage of the machinist-quality controls that Micro Fence has developed and refined over the decades – micro adjustments that essentially turn a portable router into a high precision instrument. This delivers the smoothest, cleanest cuts imaginable.

The Standard Ellipse package includes an aluminum 9-1/2″ axes plate that is fitted with a set of four six-inch T-slot tracks that are already installed and aligned at the factory. There is also a set of 12″ tracks for a greater range of elliptical shapes and sizes. Included are all necessary hardware parts, the two centers, an alignment gauge and a Universal Router Plate, which the shop can drill for a specific router’s hole pattern or have pre-drilled by Micro Fence.

The Ellipse Jig runs $359.95 to $389.95 depending on set-up, and it requires the company’s Circle Jig which is $259.95.