The Earlex Super Finish Max paint sprayer

An Inexpensive, Small Job HVLP System from Earlex

The Earlex Super Finish Max paint sprayer is designed for small shops and hobbyists. This is a self-contained HVLP system with no hose or turbine to haul around, but there is an electric cord. WoodEzine has seen it offered at several retailers (for example, it’s Rockler item 66593 and Woodcraft item 178853, and both are priced at $99.99). The company says that “this sprayer is ideal for a wide variety of woodworking projects including custom made furniture, cabinets, trim, spindles and more. It provides the power and adjustability to spray oil or water-based finishes such as polyurethane, stain, varnish, latex paint and more.”

The Super Finish Max is designed to evenly lay down a professional finish on woodworking projects. It comes with 1.5 mm, 2 mm, and 4 mm interchangeable tips, for more project versatility (the green 2 mm spray tip comes installed on the sprayer). There are two different air caps to help control the flow of material, and the operator can adjust the volume control knob to change the pray pattern from 1” to 12” wide.  The system has plenty of power (450 watts) to spray thicker paints, and it has a 40-ounce container capacity for large projects.

The kit comes with the spray gun, tips, caps,clean-out brush, wrench and instructions. It’s backed by a 2-year warranty.

Earlex brand is operated by Minneapolis-based Wagner SprayTech Corp.

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