The RETYX edgebander conveyor from Doucet

An Intelligent Edgebander Conveyor from Doucet

Quebec based Doucet designs, manufactures, and integrates advanced woodworking machinery, and the company’s latest effort is turning some heads. Called RETYX, it’s a labor-saving articulated arm with a vacuum grip and it automates the handling of panels at both the infeed and outfeed of an edgebander. What’s different is that it presents parts in the right orientation for the next pass, allows automatic stacking and unstacking in the areas provided for this purpose. The arm has 40” of vertical and 120” of horizontal movement and can rotate from minus 90 to plus 180 degrees. The receiving conveyor has six 9’ long motorized belts and motorized infeed arms to interface with the edgebander.  The return belt is 36” wide and its length is adjusted to match the length of the bander. There’s a 60″ x 36″ air table with a pneumatically activated up/down mechanism to receive the panel as it exits, and a fixed height 24″ x 36″ on the infeed side. The company name may be familiar – Pascal Doucet is the current chairman of the Board of Directors of the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association (WMIA).