Italian Carpenter’s Hammer from Garrett Wade

An Italian Carpenter’s Hammer

Here’s how Garrett Wade describes this new catalog item:

“Some people might find the idea of having a favorite hammer somewhat bizarre. A hammer is a hammer, right? That’s the attitude of someone who hasn’t used a great hammer yet. Sure, any of them can get the job done, but the right hammer, well, it can become a part of the user. It becomes fully, deeply indispensable. This Carpenter’s Hammer (item 39B05.09, $26.35) draws on Italy’s fine toolmaking and crafts heritage while bringing in modern materials and design features to create a truly outstanding tool.

“The 17-3/4” long oval ash handle feels just right in the hand, while the synthetic upper absorbs vibrations and locks the head in tight. Weighing 14 oz., the head is constructed from C45 steel that’s been tempered by electro-induction and coated with a black epoxy powder. The kicker? A magnetic nail set can hold a nail securely in place, allow you to drive it one-handed with a single swing of the hammer—a great feature that allows you to reach places that might otherwise require a stepladder to reach. It seems a little gimmicky until you use it, and then it makes total sense.”