The WG324 chain saw from Worx

An Unusual Chain Saw from Worx May Interest Carvers and Turners

A new 20-Volt, 5″ cordless chain saw on the Worx Power Share battery platform (item WG324) is being promoted by the company as a pruning saw but it may find other uses in the woodworking world. It would be a good asset for carving bowls from logs and driftwood, or for preparing small blanks for turning on a lathe. This is a powerful, compact, and versatile saw for trimming, delimbing, and bucking, and it has an offset bar and chain for improved line-of-sight. The ultra-compact design allows the user to hold this saw up high for longer and to get into tighter spaces than you could with a full-size chain saw. The saw has automatic chain lubrication.

The chain runs at 18.4 feet per second and can be replaced at most local hardware stores. The chain is 0.043” with 32 links.

There’s an on-board tool for fast and easy chain tensioning, and a retractable bar and chain guard for enhanced under-cutting capabilities. The retractable guard automatically moves out of the way when pruning or cutting from above. When under-cutting is necessary, the user can manually retract the guard to cut upward from under the branch. The guarded handle design offers additional safety and security, especially for woodworkers who don’t use chain saws very often. The saw without a battery (item WG324.9) only weighs 3.86 lbs. It comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee, plus a bar and chain sheath. It lists for $89.99 as a tool only, or $139.99 with a 2 Amp hour battery and charger. A 20V 5.0 Ah battery (item WA3571) runs $129.99, and there is also a 4 Ah battery available.

Here’s what Worx has to say about the advantages of the WG324 over a standard chainsaw: “The WG324 cordless pruning saw is extremely efficient and easy to use. It is less intimidating than a traditional chainsaw as its compact design makes it more maneuverable and manageable in tighter spaces for intricate cuts. The compact size also allows for enhanced portability for on-the-go pruning and cutting, such cutting logs for the campfire, clearing paths while hunting, or maintaining properties. Also, the guarded bar & chain, as well as handle, provide added protection and security for the user.”

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