The WX996L detailing kit from Worx

An Unusual Detailing Kit from Worx

Worx has melded 20 Volt battery power with compact brushless motors to produce the MakerX six-tool combo kit (item WX996L, $299.99). It’s an impressive array of precision tools for doing detail work, and it includes a rotary tool, an angle grinder, a wood-burner (called a wood and metal crafter), a mini heat gun, an airbrush, an LED flexible light, a dial speed control and two 2.0Ah batteries. All the tools have a micro-ergonomic design, so they’re comfortable to hold for long stretches and are easy to maneuver.

The rotary tool has variable speed up to 35,000 RPM for engraving or polishing materials such as wood, metal, and glass. The mini heat gun blows at 500°F continuously for shaping wood or plastic. The mini airbrush has a 0.5mm nozzle that can be used for touch-ups and is even FDA certified for working with food (add an extra level of detail to cookies and cakes!). The wood-burner reaches its target heat in just thirty seconds and its micro-ergonomic design delivers very fine detail. And the angle grinder has variable speed up to 20,000 RPM for tasks such as aggressively carving out shapes and contours.

At the heart of the system is the HubX, which connects to a 20V Power Share battery and includes a 4-foot-long cord for unencumbered movement while working. It has a USB port to power the flexible light and other USB devices, and a belt clip for mobility. The work light also plugs into any Type A USB port.

The MakerX kit comes with lots of accessories – 40 for the rotary tool, 5 for the angle grinder, 11 for the wood and metal burner and 3 for the airbrush. It also includes 1-hour fast charger, the two batteries, an accessory case, and a carry bag. The kit comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee. In the box are:

(1) – Rotary Tool (WX739L.9)

(1) – Angle Grinder (WX741L.9)

(1) – Airbrush with Food Safe Nozzle (WX742L.9)

(1) – Mini Heat Gun (WX743L.9)

(1) – Wood & Metal Crafter (WX744L.9)

(1) – USB LED Flex Light (WA7231)

(40) – Rotary Tool Accessories

(1) – 2 in. Cutting Wheel 3/8 Arbor

(1) – 2 in. Grinding Wheel 3/8 Arbor

(1) – 2 in. Flap Disc 3/8 Arbor, Med Grit

(1) – 1/4 in. Flange Adapter for Butterfly-Type Arbors

(1) – Hex Key

(2) – Screws for Guard

(1) – Flange Bolt

(8) – Assorted Woodburning Tips

(1) – Soldering Tip

(1) – Cradle Stand

(1) – Silicon Comfort Sleeve

(3) – Air Brush Accessories

(1) – HubX (WA7151)

(1) – Storage Case (WA4227)

(2) – 2.0Ah Batteries (WA3535)

(1) – 2A Quick Charger (WA3881)

(1) – Carry Bag (WA1551)

(1) – Color Box