Three new lasers from AP Lazer

AP Lazer Adds Three Machines to its Line-up

For woodshops that want or need to engrave parts, AP Lazer has launched three new machines this year – the SN2616, the SN4836LR and the SN4896. Adding a laser to the shop can free up time on a CNC and provide customers with more intricate custom designs, or it can be used to mass produce commercial products such as advertising specialty items.

The SN2616 ($15,995 – financing is available for all models) is perfect for start-up businesses. This unit has a patent-pending suspension design that delivers a lightweight machine with a large engraving area, making it easy to grow and diversify into new markets. This machine comes equipped with a removable laser top that weighs under 120 pounds, making it somewhat portable. It has a 26” x 16” engraving area and a 60-Watt laser tube that will last 8,000 hours. It plugs into a 110-volt standard outlet.

The SN4836LR ($43,995) has a 28” adjustable z-axis and a 48” x 36” engraving area. This machine has a 100-Watt laser tube that will last 10,000 hours and it, too, just uses a standard outlet.

And the SN4896 (contact the factory for a quote) is a large gantry-style laser machine which, when combined with a mechanical lift cart, can make it easy to set up just about any size job. A woodworker can accurately raise and level any work surface to the laser head with a few swift movements. The machine’s high power and large size can mean high profits. This machine is best for producing detailed engravings on a variety of large materials and products. Oh, and the hydraulic lift cart is included. It has a 48” x 96” engraving area, a 130-Watt laser tube that will last 15,000 hours, and this laser also plugs into household current so there’s no 3-phase or other special wiring required.

These are high-quality, easy to operate, C02 laser machines with patented open architecture design. Each comes as a turnkey package with all of the accessories and software needed to get up and running. After the initial online training, woodworkers will have access to the company’s 24/7/365 lifetime tech support, the AP Lazer University learning portal, and an online community of machine users. Also included is a “ready-to-use” marketing bundle so that a woodshop can start promoting its laser business right away. It includes digital and printable brochures, social media images and captions, a 12-month holiday promo calendar, a digital and printable order form, product photography tips, laser file resources and a list of preferred vendors.