Rockler 3-way attachment for F clamps

Attachment for F-Style Clamps is Handy for Epoxy Pours and Edge Clamping

This inexpensive device (item 65539) attaches to most F-style clamps to convert them to 3-way clamps. It’s great for applying edging (especially on a curve), flushing up joints or holding panels flat during glue-up. It would also be a great help when clamping blocks in place to do larger epoxy pours, as several could be used to create a watertight seal. It works with most standard or light-duty F-style clamps to apply pressure at 90 degrees to the primary jaws, which is ideal for keeping edge-joined panels from buckling under clamping pressure. The attachment may also be used to apply light pressure in the middle of a panel, which is very handy when installing inlaid elements such as butterfly keys. The 3-Way Attachment has an opening that will accept a bar up to 5/16” wide. On lighter bar clamps, the reviews suggest it might be a good idea to place two clamps facing in opposite directions to avoid flexing the bar. At this price ($9.99 each), that seems like a logical thought.

The attachment installs without tools to most bar clamps and slides along the bar to provide pressure at any point between the primary jaws. It has a strong, die-cast zinc body and acme threads on a 4-1/8” long post. The comfortable, easy-to-grip primary knob is low-profile so it stays out of the way, and the swiveling rubber foot prevents damage to your workpiece. Not surprisingly, this tool is currently oversold for the next few weeks (until 07/13/2021), but the company is accepting orders.

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