Axminster’s New 6-prong Drive Center

Axminster’s New 6-Prong Spur for Lathes

This unique spur (item 108115, $24) is made in Britain at the company’s own CNC manufacturing facility, and it is executed in high-quality stainless steel. As such, it won’t rust or corrode from exposure to workshop humidity or turning green lumber. Its six-prong geometry represents a 50% increase in gripping power over a traditional 4-prong spur. That makes this a reliable and positive drive that transfers the lathe’s torque to the work with impressive engagement. It has a 25mm (a hair under 1”) diameter head, and the central point projects 2mm (about 5/64”) above the teeth for easy centering on the end of the stock. With its six sharp 5.5mm (almost 1/4”) long chisel points located at 60-degree intervals, the spur is effective in hardwoods, softwoods and green lumber. It has a 2MT (#2 Morse) shaft. Axminster offers free shipping to the United States on all orders above $120.