Ball Nose Bit with Insert

Amana Tool Corporation in Farmingdale, New York has added another ball nose insert to its Tru Point collection. The new RC-1096 for CNC has a ¼” radius and a ½” cut diameter, and it sits on a ¼” shank. The insert tool is designed for lettering, engraving, sign-making, fluting and decorative trimming. It’s rated for hardwood, softwood, MDF, plastic and plywood. Due to its very fine plunge point, this bit is not guaranteed against breakage. The ball nose insert family now includes a wide range of sizes including 1/8”, 3/16” and 5/16” radii, all of which can be ordered in either ¼” or ½” shanks. Amana’s new 2020-21 full catalog can be viewed online as a flipbook here.