ShopBot CNC Classes in North Carolina

Basic CNC Classes from ShopBot

Durham based ShopBot Tools, Inc. has teamed up with the North Carolina Furniture School to offer an “Introduction to CNC” class, and another called “Level 2: Drawing, Tooling and the Machine”. The first is designed to familiarize woodworkers with the terminology, user interface, and the general concepts of digital fabrication. The second builds on that foundation by diving deeper into each part of the CNC system. Classes are offered on a repeating schedule (for example, there is one starting today and another on May 26 and 27). They are designed to answer question such as what is digital fabrication? What is CNC? CAD? CAM? How does it work and what does it do? The school offers ShopBot basic training classes on the first and third weeks of the month that are limited to 12 students. They are held in the NCFS Computer Lab, which is in downtown Farmville, NC, just east of Raleigh and a few minutes from the ocean. They explore the software, common tooling, and the CNC machines themselves. Prior to coming to training, the staff asks that woodworkers download the demo version of VCarve Pro and familiarize themselves with the software to get the most out of the class. Sessions begin each day at 9 AM and end at 5 PM. Coffee and refreshments are provided each morning and there are numerous local options within walking distance for breakfast and lunch. NCFS is directed by Stuart Kent (you can watch a YouTube™ video of him teaching basic turning here), and the school conducts classes in furniture making, woodturning, and DIY woodworking classes for all skill levels from beginner to advanced.

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