Biesse Dual Glue System

Biesse’s New Dual Glue System

The Biesse Quick Change glue system with twin pre-melters makes life easier in the woodshop by having two different types of glue available at any time. It was a Visionary Award winner at AWFS® Fair. Essentially, the machine has two pre-melters available to melt two different types of glue, or two different colors of glue. So, the set-up could include EVA and PUR glues in any combination, such as one of each or two of one kind. It’s available with a single glue pot in the machine, but if a shop wants to have the fastest change between color, a second glue pot can be pre-warmed outside the machine.

It’s extremely easy to rotate between the two pre-melters. Just press a release button and pull the console forward (left image). Then press a second release and rotate the console 180 degrees (center image). Finally, snap the console back in place (right photo). It has literally been rotated end-for-end, and that’s all there is to it.

Here’s how the company describes it: “Our customers are looking for quick and easy glue change systems and the new Dual Glue System provides a simple, versatile twin pre-melter system that meets their objectives. The Dual Glue System is designed to simplify and optimize the work process, making the working area cleaner and maintenance easier. In just a few quick, simple steps, you can change the glue color, switch from PUR to EVA and vice versa and clean the unused pre-melter in real time without stopping the machine.”

WoodEzine couldn’t find the Dual Glue System on the Biesse website yet, but Biesse America is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and the phone number is (704) 357 3131.