Biesse’ T-Jet Makes Cuts Cleaner

Biesse’s T-Jet Delivers Cleaner Nesting

Biesse America is among twenty finalists for the Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® at IWF in Atlanta. The company’s T-Jet Dust Mitigation System was selected from a field of 86 entries.

T-JET is a solution patented by Biesse for removing chips and dust during milling operations, and it’s the only one of its kind on the market. Together with the C torque axis, the device follows trajectories perfectly and totally cleans channels and side surfaces in one single movement. Its effects are guaranteed even in the narrowest corners, or with changes of direction. It basically blows a couple of streams of air into the cut and sends the dust out of the kerf and toward the dust collection vacuum. That means less dust on nested surfaces, fewer chips on the table, and more effective suction at high speeds.

There’s a video on YouTube™.