Big Horn Introduced Two Hand Tool Sets

Big Horn Corporation, a division of American General Tool Group, is located in Vista, California. The company has released a couple of new hand tool sets with rosewood and brass accents, including one collection with five pieces (item 19876) that WoodEzine found listed for $103.21 on both and The set includes a 9” smoothing plane, which would qualify as a #4 in the world of Stanley bench planes. This is the last hand plane used before fine sanding or scraping, in preparation for applying a finish. It has a bevel down iron, so it works best with well-behaved grain (a modern bevel-up plane of the same size will work better with figured or erratic grain). Also included is a 6” block plane, which is a low angle workhorse with a bevel-up iron designed for tasks such as gentle chamfering to break edges. It also works relatively well on end grain when nicely sharpened. The set includes three layout tools – a 9” try square, a 9” adjustable bevel gauge and a 9” marking gauge that is used for tasks such as laying out mortise and tenon joints, or scribing lines parallel to an edge. The tools come in a rudimentary wooden case. The company has also released a set containing just the two planes (item 19877) and that was listed at $65.81 on Amazon.