Big Horn Saw Depth Gauge

Big Horn’s New Saw Depth Gauge

Woodworking tools don’t get much simpler than this. The Saw Depth Gauge (item 14612) from Big Horn is designed to make it fast and easy to set blade heights and fences on table saws, radial arms, router tables and portable routers and saws. Just let the gauge straddle the blade or cutter, and then adjust the cutter’s height to the required setting where it just touches one of the dimensioned steps. On one face of the gauge, the measurements are ascending, while on the other they’re descending. It can be used to reset a blade to a previous height after it has been changed to accommodate a different cut. Simply rotate blades as they are raised until the kiss the step: if they can raise the gauge off the table, the setting is too high.

The gauge can also be used to scribe some lines if it runs against a wall or a fence or perhaps a piece of trim. Just set a pencil point on the required step and pull the gauge along the wall.

The saw depth gauge can be used to set heights from 1/8″ to 2″ or 2-1/4” (depending on whether it’s facing up or down), and do so in 1/8″ increments. It’s made of aluminum with laser engraved markings for clarity and durability, and the blue coating is easily visible on a crowded workbench. We saw the gauge for $15.26 on Amazon.