Bora Launches New Height-Adjustable Speedhorse

Tall people, celebrate! The new Speedhorse™ XT from Bora Tool (model PM-4550) will be available on October 12th. It’s just as tough and as fast to set up as the original, but the new version has extendable legs that can raise the working height up to six inches. The legs are independently adjustable in 1” increments so a woodworker can set them anywhere from 30” to 36”. Each horse can support 1500 lbs.which Bora says is 200 lbs. more than the leading competitors. They have instant setup with the pull of a lever and you just reset the legs back to 30” to fold them into the sawhorse. Plus, you can compensate for uneven terrain on the jobsite by extending each leg to a different height. There’s no set order for folding the legs, the horses have a pre-drilled top, and they also have end slots for 2x material.

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