Bosch GSR18V-1330C

Bosch’s New High-tech 1/2″ Drill-Driver

The new Bosch 18-volt ProFactor drill/driver is especially well-suited to drilling large holes straight. With a 1/2” chuck and a generous handle, the GSR18V-1330C pairs Biturbo brushless technology with a CORE18V ProFactor battery. That technology is a high-performance motor and drive-train system designed to deliver power comparable to high-demand corded tools. The drill also features the potential for connectivity (that module is sold separately), linking the drill to a connected device via Bosch’s Toolbox app to customize settings, receive feedback and set specific angles for the Electronic Angle Detection feature. It has a powerful brushless motor that provides efficient power for up to 1,330 inch-pounds of maximum torque.

The drill has variable speed settings for high speed (0 to 2200 RPM) and high power (0 to 550 RPM). The drill/driver has KickBack Control, which helps reduce the risk of injury from a sudden rotational torque reaction in a bind-up scenario. The Electronic Angle Detection features is designed to ensure accurate drilling at an angle. Twenty-five clutch settings help to reduce fastener damage, an all-metal chuck provides durability, and a longer belt clip delivers a more secure hold.

The noise rating is 81 dB., and the tool comes with a 4-bit holder, 4-piece bit set and the belt clip.