Break Down Sheet Goods More Efficiently

A compact hogger is essentially a sawblade on steroids that is used to reduce sheet goods to manageable sizes. Most are equipped with diamond tips for long wear. They’re very aggressive, so they speed up this basic function for shops that are processing MDF and plywood core panels. The new DT Premium compact hogger from the German manufacturer Leitz GMBH (the U.S. subsidiary is Leitz Tooling Systems LP in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 800-253-6070) promises lower machining costs because of long life, plus the ability to sharpen the tool up to fifteen times and still maintain the full cutting width during the entire life cycle. Two different tooth shapes are available, and the tool has DFC (diamond film coating) on its chip-breaker and gullets. There are also damping elements on the tool body to suppress vibration. Leitz says it has “excellent edge quality and smooth cutting surfaces”, and “clean workpiece finishes due to efficient chip removal”. The DT Premium is suitable for all conventional panel materials.