Build a One-Piece Smartphone Amplifier

This phone amp sounded like a good idea. The prototype shown came out of the scrap box at The Woodshop in Belle Fourche, which is the WoodEzine workshop. This is the first generation iteration of a small product idea, and the company is sharing the design openly in hopes that woodworkers will take up the challenge to improve it and share their own results. It’s an ideal mesh of technology and woodworking, and should be a good project for both CNC and traditional machines. It really works well, directing the sound for better volume and clarity. We turned a square block of cherry on the lathe to create the curved face and the bell-shaped opening. The edge of the opening was burned for a few seconds with a brown paper bag to create the black line, and the front face was sanded with 36 grit (without moving the paper) to create a little texture. The hole was then extended on the drill press with a 2″ diameter Forstner bit. This hole could go all the way through, although we stopped it. Then the slot for the phone was cut in a few passes on the table saw at 10 degrees, to allow the phone to be a little laid back (hey, we play old-time rock and roll around here…). We’ll rasp the bottom of the groove and apply finish later. If you build some, send a few pictures and we’ll share them.