Cabinetmaker’s Rasps

Tools for Working Wood is based in Brooklyn, New York and the company has a manufacturing brand called Gramercy Tools. The company has recently added a 10” long, 11 tooth per inch rasp to its high-quality line of cabinetmaker’s rasps. These tools are hand cut, and you will be surprised not only by how fast they work but by how smooth a surface they leave. They are made of surgical grade stainless steel for a tough, long life and they have a brass ferruled wood handle. If you visit the website, note that the lengths given are the approximate working length of the rasp, and the teeth coarseness is the approximate number of teeth per inch. TFWW has several sizes of rasps designed to cover a wide range of work. The shortest are only 5″ long and were inspired by the long-gone Nicholson 55. The teeth go out to the edge for a greater range of work. TFWW also offers longer rasps with both coarser and finer teeth. The larger, finer rasps are ideal for making cabriole legs and other areas of sculpted furniture-making. The rasps are made in Pakistan, which has a long tradition of metalwork, by a single craftsman with very limited production who is working to the company’s specifications. So, sizes will come in and out of stock as supply permits. The handles are made in the USA.