CabWriter 5 is Now Available

CabWriter 5 is Now Available

Designed for the small to mid-size woodshop, CabWriter is an affordable, fully featured custom cabinet design program. Powerful and user-friendly, it now has a number of new features including the ability to automatically texture cabinets either as they are being drawn, or as a group after the fact.  

CabWriter is integrated with SketchUp, which is the most affordable, intuitive drawing software available. The program features true parametric drawing, which lets a shop specify a construction method (face frame, European, etc.). It has an innovative Story Stick technology to quickly lay out and draw cabinets, and a large library of cabinets to get things rolling. It lets a woodworker create professional shop drawings and quickly generate cut lists, part labels, etc. And it has native plywood and DXF optimization, so the shop can get the most out of sheet goods. CabWriter also lets the designer easily export files to the CNC.

Even though there’s a new version, the price hasn’t changed. It’s still $95 for CabWriter Home, $600 for CabWriter Pro, and $200 for CabWriter CNC. The publisher is also offering 10% off CabWriter 5 until Sept. 30th, 2021. Current CabWriter 4 users can upgrade to version 5 as long as they have an active support membership (which costs $120/yr. for Pro and/or CNC, and $20/yr for the Home version).

CabWriter 5 comes with free support that’s good for one year from the date of purchase. This includes unlimited online support and up to 5 hours of phone support per year, as well as free access to major new versions of CabWriter. All maintenance releases and training videos are always free.

For shops looking for a cabinet design program, the company offers a fully functional 30 day free trial to try out the software before purchase (even if you’ve done a version 4 free trial in the past).

Because there are several new parameters and changes in the latest version, it’s highly recommended to finish any CabWriter 4 models that are already in process, and then start new projects with Version 5, just to head off any potential compatibility issues.

A CabWriter license never expires. The shop will never lose the use of the software it purchased even if it doesn’t subscribe to a support membership.

Along with the new release, the company has published an updated Users Guide and two new videos covering the new features in version 5. There are a lot of how-to videos available to help with specific features, and updated versions will be coming soon. And there’s an introductory video here.

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