CabWriter 6 released

CabWriter 6 Is Now Available

The newest version of CabWriter includes an all-new add on called CabWriter Closet. It can be added to either the Pro or Home software, and it comes with a full suite of tools that are optimized for drawing individual closet parts rather than complete cabinets. Those include ends, partitions, tops, bottoms, fixed or adjustable shelves (including slanted), doors, drawers, cleats, and stretchers. As with standard CabWriter tools, closet components are drawn parametrically. Woodworkers can use the new Closet Story Stick to draw closet components just like they draw cabinets. Designers can easily switch back and forth between cabinets and closet components in the same project. All the parts will end up together in production documentation, and with the addition of CabWriter CNC, the closet components can be exported to DXF along with any cabinet components. Version 6 also has two new upper cabinet types, new label sizes, and horizontal hinge plate support. CabWriter software remains very affordable for small shops. The Home version is just $95, CabWriter Pro is $650, the new CabWriter Closet is $200, and CabWriter CNC is just $200. There are discounts for purchasing various modules in tandem, or if purchasing before Sept. 30th, 2022.