Clamp Dogs That Don’t Require a Vise from MLCS

Clamp Dogs That Don’t Require a Vise

New from MLCS is a pair of clamps (item 9977, $49.95) that act a lot like bench dogs with a bite. They let a woodworker add a clamp anywhere without the need for an end or side vise. The two Adjustable Clamp Dogs will hold work on a shop workbench or any other surface that has 3/4″ diameter holes.

Each clamp comes with an independent square head along with a second square head that slides along the body. A cam action locks the work between the two, and threaded locking knobs reach through the ¾” holes in the benchtop to keep the clamps from lifting off the table. The pads are non-marring and non-slip, and the clamps let you use a workbench that doesn’t have a built-in vise.