Fuji and Willie Sandry clean a spray gun

Cleaning A Gravity Feed Spray Gun

In 2018 Fuji Spray Systems introduced the LX-20™, which is a general-purpose spray gun that was deigned to replace conventional high pressure spray guns. Available in both gravity fed and pressure models, it is especially well-suited to woodworking. Now the company has posted a guide to cleaning a gravity fed gun. It was written by Willie Sandry, who used the LX-20 as the model in the demo. It’s an immensely helpful article (mostly large photos with short notes) especially for anyone new to spraying, or who is moving from high pressure to a more efficient method of coating. Sandry is a well-known author who has penned articles for Woodworker’s Journal, Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking. He knows his stuff. You can see his YouTube channel here.

The gun cleaning guide can be used between coats, as well as when finishing up and putting the spray equipment away for the day. Willie’s quick and easy technique takes only 3 minutes, covers the fluid chambers, filter, cap and nozzle set, and uses only 1-2oz. of thinner. He filters every fluid going into the gun, including cleaning agents. When using denatured alcohol to clean up after shellac, he says that he filters it because he has often found rust in the bottom of new solvent cans. He uses color-coded pipe cleaners for cleaning shellac and lacquer residue. The guide is full of small details that make the difference between average and superb performance, and it relates to pretty much any brand or type of gun. The images (including the one shown here) are clear and professional.

Kudos to Fuji, and Willie, for this very helpful guide.