CNC Parts Stamp

The new DeLuche Vision Marking Tool from CNC Factory reduces human error because it lets a woodworker marks post production instructions directly on woodworking components. It’s compatible with any CNC machine and is designed to prevent a shop losing track of cut parts. The tool marks post production instructions (such as edge banding) directly on cut components. It fits into a tool-holder and is ready to use with most cabinet cutting software. Human mistakes are eliminated because the directions are right on the cut components, and this helps avoid production stoppages. Shops use one marking tool for each set of instructions that they want printed on cut boards. For example, an operator might use one tool for edge banding instructions, a second to add fastener inserting locations, and another to add instructions for something such as door boring locations. The instructions easily wipe away with an alcohol swab, with no leftover residue. The tool is priced at $679 and has a ¼” shank. For more information or to order, call 714.581.5999