Graco electric UniDrum bulk unloader

Compressor-free Bulk Unloading

The new UniDrum™ bulk unloader (on the right in the image) is designed to minimize changeover time and maximize efficiency when transferring one-component fluids from bulk containers to industrial metering and dispensing systems. What’s different here is that no other drum unloaders are powered by electric pumps. Graco’s bulk supply system is now available with E-Flo® SP™ electric supply pumps, making the UniDrum the only bulk unloader that supports manufacturers’ clean energy initiatives. The electric driver provides real-time, integrated, closed-loop flow control, which is the first time that such efficiency has been available in a bulk unloader. Data can be collected on system parameters and performance, which can then be used to decrease waste and support environmental regulation compliance. Electric pumps are also quieter to operate than pneumatic counterparts, reducing noise pollution. A UniDrum bulk unloader powered by an E-Flo SP electric supply pump normally operates at 70 dB, which is lower than the 85 dB sound regulation for industrial workplaces set by OSHA. Quieter pumps can be installed closer to where they are needed, thus requiring less pressure. Graco also offers a pneumatic UniDrum bulk supply system (at left in photo) that fits into plants that are powered by compressed air. It uses pneumatic pumps to deliver medium to high-viscosity materials from pails or drums to industrial metering and dispensing systems.