Counterbore From Amana

The new 55243 from Amana Tool is an adjustable tool that won’t mar the surface of a cabinet and will drill a pilot hole and tapered counter-bore in one step. This is a carbide tipped, 82 degree flush-mount, counter-bore bit that seems to be really well designed and built. It has an adjustable depth stop and a no-thrust ball bearing. The diameter is 9/16″ and it has a 3/8″ diameter shank. The slow spiral, HSS M2 fully ground pilot bit is 1/8″, and both the pilot bit and the countersink are replaceable. The tool can be used with Amana’s 55220 plug cutter, and its adjustable, heavy-duty, revolving depth-stop has a strong thrust ball bearing. That allows for quick and easy adjustment of the countersink depth without scratching or burning surfaces. It also has an open space to allow for chip evacuation.