Crain model 835 heavy duty undercut saw

Crain Undercut Saw for Trim, Doors

Cincinnati based Practical Products has added the new Crain model 835 heavy duty undercut saw to its catalog. This 6-1/2” diameter saw replaces the model 825 saw, and the new version has a large 13 -Amp motor for better performance on big undercutting jobs. It also comes with a new 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade for wood undercutting (item 836), which can be used to undercut doors in place. In fact, it undercuts almost everywhere, including inside corners. The saw also comes with a carborundum masonry blade (item 805), a carrying case, a hex blade wrench, and instructions. An optional diamond blade (No. 822) is available for undercutting tile and stone, and that is sold separately.

The powerful new motor is geared to produce more torque at a lower RPM, and also throws less dust. The saw’s dust port can be attached to a vacuum (not included) for dust collection. The motor runs on 120 Volt household current and weighs 22-1/2 lbs.

Practical Products Co. has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial quality hand and power tools to the laminate, woodworking, and flooring trades since 1961. The company also stocks a smaller, lighter duty version of this saw. Call or email from the Practical Product’s website for pricing.

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