Cut Through Nails, Steel


The Qsaw Multi Cut family of blades is exactly what a framing carpenter needs, especially on renovations and extensions. This is a wood and metal sawblade that’s optimized for both cordless and corded saws. It cuts 2X lumber, wood with nails, channel iron, flat bar, steel studs and threaded rod. It fits all standard 7-1/4″ saws, is carbide-tipped to withstand impact, and lasts longer in both wood and metal cutting applications. A non-stick Dura-Sheild coating protects the blade against heat, gumming and corrosion, and laser cut stabilizer vents trap noise and vibration. The XIPHOS™️ 7-1/4″ 46-tooth circular saw blade cuts up to 2-1/4” thickness in both clean wood and wood with nails. It can handle from 3/32” to 1/4” wall thickness in steel studs, channel, angle iron, pipe, tubing, plate, and bar stock. Both 28 and 52 tooth 10″ versions are also available. There’s a video on the website.