Deck Jig from Kreg


The new Kreg® Deck Jig lets a woodworker install decking without visible fasteners. It has hardened-steel guides to drill precisely positioned pilot holes in wood or composite deck boards. It makes it easy to drill stepped pilot holes and drive screws at 90° to the board edge, or at opposing 45° angles that allow easy access when working near walls. The angled guides can also be used when creating stronger joints where boards butt. A stop collar ensures prefect drilling depth (there are adjustable stop collars for 4/4, 5/4, and 2-by decking). After drilling, drop a screw into the guide hole and drive it home with the included square bit. That’s equipped with a stop collar, too, to ensure that the self-tapping, case-hardened screw gets driven to the perfect depth. Aggressive threads bite securely into the joist, while the smooth upper shank and flat-bottom head work together to pull the deck board tightly into place. Item KJDECKSYS20, the jig is listed at $49.99 (July 2020).