Destroyer table saw blades from Harvey

Destroyer Table Saw Blades from Harvey and Leitz

A new series of industrial grade 10” table saw blades from Harvey Woodworking is made for the company by the German manufacturer Leitz Tooling. Included in the full width (1/8” kerf) series are the BR36 ripping blade with 36 teeth and an ATB grind; the BC72 crosscutting blade with 72 teeth and an ATB grind; and the BP80 plywood and melamine blade with 80 teeth and a HATB grind. All three have a standard 5/8” arbor hole. Harvey builds some of the best table saws on the market, and Leitz has been a world leader in tooling for most of its 145-year history, so it’s a great partnership.

The plates for Destroyer blades are laser cut from 75cr alloy steel and are then processed for flattening and stress relief before being ground for absolute accuracy. The tips are high wearing and extremely hard HB03F industrial tungsten carbide (WC) with 3% cobalt. Their submicron particle grain is 0.2 to 0.4 microns, which allows the tips to hold a very sharp edge. They also have impressive compression strength (6800N/mm2) for impact resistance, and Harvey says that they can be sharpened up to twenty times. The runout on Destroyer blades is very minimal (within 0.0039”), and they have noise reduction gullets for quieter woodshops. They also have thermal expansion gullets for heat management that allows the blade to expand as it heats up without deforming.

The ripping blade has a 15-degree hook (it leans forward at the top by that much) and a 5-degree alternating top bevel (it slopes left or right on every second tip). The crosscut blade has a 10-degree hook a top bevel of 20 degrees, plus a top clearance angle of 15 degrees (it slopes down behind the tip to provide relief). And the plywood-melamine blade has a 5-degree hook, a 38.5-degree top bevel (very steep, for little to no tear-out), and a 16.5-degree top clearance angle.

Harvey says the blades are in stock and are priced at $110 for the rip, $169 for the crosscut, and $289 for the plywood-melamine blade.