DEWALT® Announces Highest Capacity Batteries

Woodworkers running out of power will be pleased to know that the Maryland manufacturer has just announced a new 12V MAX* battery that has 5.0 Amp hours of juice (the DCB126), and a 20V one with 10.0 Ah (DCB210). Each battery will extend the runtime of most tools. The new 12V has twice the number of lithium ion cells and is compatible with most 12V MAX* power tools or chargers. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Using 21-mm large format lithium-ion cells, the 20V battery is ideal for contractors who require long run-time applications on a single charge, and is designed to reduce the number of battery packs needed on the job. The larger battery is compatible with most 20V MAX* power tools and chargers and there’s less than a 10 ounce weight difference between it and the existing 20V 5.0 Ah battery. It also works with XR® Power Detect™ tools, and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Both of the new batteries will be available in early 2021.