DeWALT To Discontinue 18V NiCad Battery

DeWALT To Discontinue 18V NiCad Batteries

Do you own a workbench full of DeWalt 18 Volt tools?

The company is encouraging current 18 Volt users to make the switch to its 20V MAX* system as it begins to phase out the smaller battery. Supplies of 18 Volt batteries (the DC9096 and DC9096S) are estimated to run through March 2022, but that of course is subject to customer demands. The 18V XRP™ Lithium-Ion Battery (DC9180) and all other compatible battery models for 18V XRP™ have been discontinued.

There is a solution. Users can buy an adapter (we saw it going for about $35 to $40 at most big box stores) that lets existing 18 Volt tools use the 20 Volt batteries. The adapter (DCA1820) has a few limits as it’s not compatible with Flexvolt® batteries or the larger 20V MAX* 6.0Ah, 8.0Ah, or 10.0 Ah XR® batteries (DCB206, DCB208, DCB210). The company also notes that the adapter shouldn’t be used with its DC970 or DC759 drills. In addition, 18V chargers can’t charge 20V MAX* batteries by using the adapter.

DeWalt does point out that woodworkers making the switch to the new 20 Volt system will have more than 250 tools to choose from. Those include the Atomic™ compact lightweight tools that are designed for all-day user comfort and tight space applications. The company’s Flexvolt Advantage ™ and Power Detect ™ lines are also included and those offer added runtime for more demanding applications.

DeWalt says that the maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) in the 20V MAX* system is 20 volts, and the nominal voltage is 18. There’s a surprising article about the difference (or lack thereof?) between 18 and 20 volt batteries at Pro Tool Reviews.