DeWALT’s New Cordless Lawnmowers

Nope, we’re not going to start covering lawn and garden tools instead of woodworking ones, but it seemed worth mentioning that woodworkers who use DeWALT’s 20-volt Max* batteries in their cordless tools will soon be able to load a couple of spare batteries in a lawnmower, or use their chargers to top up batteries while they’re busy in the woodshop. The manufacturer announced on January 19 that it will be releasing both a self-propelled (DCMWSP244U2) and a push lawnmower (DCMWP233U2) sometime this spring. Both models will feature a high-efficiency, brushless, direct drive motor and will come with two 10 Ah batteries. The mowers are “multifunctional and conveniently mulch, bag, and capture side discharge to fertilize and maintain a clip-free lawn”. Both models have Innovative auto-sensing technology that maintains high RPM, and they are made in the USA with global materials. Both are compatible with the company’s Flexvolt® battery system. The self-propelled version ($549 with the two batteries) will deliver up to 60 minutes of runtime and features a dual self-propelled grip for comfortable handling during extended use. The push mower ($399) will provide up to 75 minutes of runtime and includes dual lever height adjustment, allowing for six different cutting height settings between 1-1/2” and 4”. Both have a 21-1/2” metal deck and can be folded to take up less space in vertical storage and during transport. The company introduced a slightly smaller cordless lawnmower a few years ago (the DCMW220P2) that came with a couple of 5 Ah batteries and many reviewers complained of a lack of power. That has been addressed now with the new 10 Ah batteries.