DeWalt Tool Connect chip DCE042

DeWalt’s Tool Connect Chip for Wireless Tool Tracking and Management

For woodshops that are having trouble keeping track of their DeWalt® cordless tools, or want to enhance their security in this area, the new Tool Connect™ chip (item DCE042) might be just what they’re looking for. This is a pretty inexpensive Bluetooth® add-on that’s designed to track and manage jobsite tools. The object is to save time and money on the site or in the shop, especially when several woodworkers are passing around tools. Using the new chip adds tracking capabilities that work with a software app called Site Manager, which is available for computers, tablets and phones. The new chip can be installed in the designated pocket of many DeWalt products to protect it from damage, and it’s equipped with a blue identification light that helps locate and differentiate among identical tools.

The Chip is currently compatible with the following 20V MAX* products (these are available now), with plans to expand to another fifteen power tools within the next year…

The Atomic Compact Series™ Brushless Cordless 1-3/4” Bandsaw (DCS377)

The Brushless Hammer Drill with Flexvolt Advantage™ (DCD999)

The Brushless 4.5/5” Cordless Grinder with Flexvolt Advantage (DCG416)

The Brushless Reciprocating Saw with Flexvolt Advantage (DCS386)

The Brushless 7-1/4” Circular Saw with Flexvolt Advantage (DCS573)

And select units within the ToughSystem® 2.0 Storage System

The company is also offering the Tool Connect Tag (DCE041) that integrates with thirty-one existing Tag-ready tools (and several more are in development). The Tag also attaches to other tools regardless of brand, make, or model by using screws, zip-ties, industrial tape, glue or new corded tool tags that are held in place with security screws.

The new chip will be available in the next few weeks and has a $15 MSRP. The Tag is already available ( $39 MSRP).

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