Diablo Bi-Directional Jigsaw Blades Offer Cleaner Cuts

Freud America, Inc. has added a bi-directional blade (item DJT308BFP5) to its Diablo jigsaw line. The 4-5/8” T-shank bimetal blade has half of its teeth facing in either direction, so it cuts both on the up and down motion. Sold in a 5-pack (about $15), the teeth along the top half of the blade face down, while those on the bottom face up.  At 13 TPI, the result is a fine finish in both the top and bottom faces of the board. The new blade also has an ultra-hardened cutting edge “for up to five times longer life than standard blades”. The T-shank design fits all combo and most U-shank cordless and corded jig saws, and there’s a plunge tip design for faster and easier plunging. The length of the blade locates the up and down cuts fairly well for most surfaces, but a little experimenting can also help. By adding some thin scrap plywood between the top surface of the work and the bottom plate of the saw, you can adjust the location. That may help somewhat with delicate projects such as panels with two veneer faces. The blades are widely available.