Double Rotating Sander


In June, Stanza Machinery in Charlotte, NC added the Galaxy Double Rotation sander to its catalog. This machine is an example of the newest technology in rotary style sanding. Each of the sanding heads rotates on the Z axis as it spins on the X axis, delivering perfect results for wood, metal, plastic & composites. That’s because all of the parts are sanded equally from all angels & directions. Various options are available that include many different types of abrasive or polishing material, depending on what needs to be sanded. The spindles are mounted with a bearing plate on the end for extra spindle support, and each of four sanding units rotates around its own axis while the main carousel is also turning.  The Galaxy comes standard with a 7.5 kw vacuum table motor, which holds parts securely while they go through the machine. The rotation, carousel and conveyor speeds are all variable, and the machine is equipped with an easy-to-use PLC and vacuum suction belt.