Driver Uses 12 and 18 Volt Power

The new ASM 18-3 PC from Fein USA is a precision cordless screwdriver that can deliver up to 27 inch pounds of thrust and a MultiVolt-interface. That means it can be used with all Fein li-ion batteries (12 and 18 Volt). Though it looks simple, this is not a toy – officially, it’s a “parameterisable cordless screwdriver with mechanical shut-off clutch for industrial use”. it has built-in high speed stability for constant work progress, and full resilience in continuous operation up to its maximum drive torque. The body has extra-short construction for use in narrow spaces, and is designed for low-fatigue working with a slim grip and good balance. It has an infinitely variable speed setting, a brushless motor and an LED light. The company says it’s the lightest tool on the market with a 12 Volt, 3 Ah storage battery. It even has an optimized air guide, so that air doesn’t blow onto a hand or back into your face. The ASM 18-3 PC also comes with a wear-free accelerator switch and an attachment option for hanging. There’s an integrated screw counter for setting the maintenance interval. And the ALG 80 Rapid Charger from Fein (sold separately) delivers short charging times thanks to its high 8 Amp charging current. It has a large LED display with a charging status display and USB connection for the mobile charging of small electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. The charger also works for all Fein lithium-ion batteries.