Dust-free Drilling


Tom Longanbach is the sales manager at Wandres USA and he sent us some new images of the company’s Rotary Tornado Channel (item TKR). This is a small device that can be placed inline on a conveyor system and it cleans panels, doors and cabinet parts after they have been sanded or drilled for shelving or connectors. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine in smaller shops that don’t automate outfeeding from the CNC. The TKR is more effective than roller brushes or vacuum systems.  Air knives can only recirculate dust, but the TKR removes dust and debris from the surface and from the work area. It uses high speed, motor driven rotating (hence the name Tornado) compressed air nozzles that dislodge particles from the surface. Spinning 360 degrees, they send air into corners, nooks and crannies. Once the particles are airborne, the shop’s dust collection system carries it away. Tom says that “the channel can typically re-purpose one or two operators by taking the tack cloth, vacuum, compressed air wand or brush out of their hand. It can be hand fed, or be part of an automated system, and it only takes up about 12″ of the conveyor space.”