Dynapro2.0 from Grass America’s

Dynapro2.0 is Grass America’s new Undermount Slide

The Dynapro2.0 is a full extension, soft-close, concealed, undermount drawer slide, synchronized for smooth-running action with a high load-carrying capacity. It packs the best features of the familiar Dynapro into a 2D version – high functioning, smooth running, and highly reliable. Dynapro2.0 undermount slides offer a variety of front locking devices to provide two and three dimensional adjustments. The drawer can be adjusted side-to-side, height, and depth. With the option of 3-dimensional adjustment, precise alignment of the drawer fronts is extremely easy. All of the adjustments are simple operations and easily performed without the use of tools. The new slides are for 12.7mm (1/2″) to 19mm (3/4″) drawer material and have a support roller for uniform drawer height. Cleats on the front locking device allow maximum connection between the drawer slide and the front locking device. They are rated for 100 lbs. static and 90 lbs. dynamic loads, are suitable for drawers up to 48″ wide, and work with face frame or frameless applications.