The AC86096 6-port battery charger from RIDGID

Enough Power To Run All Day from RIDGID

Soon to be available at The Home Depot is the new AC86096 ($139), which is an 18V six-port sequential battery charger (that is, it fully charges one of the batteries that are installed, and then moves on to the next one). It can charge any six RIDGID 18V batteries, one after the other. The manufacturer says that it delivers a charge twice as fast as the company’s standard R86093 18V charger, and that it can charge a 2 Ah lithium-ion battery in just 30 minutes. There’s a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation, as well as an integrated pass-through plug so the outlet that it’s plugged into can still be used by another tool. There’s a battery port selector that lets a user choose which battery to charge. The charger is eligible for the Lifetime Service Agreement when a buyer registers within 90 days of purchase, and that includes free parts and free service for life. It’s compatible with all RIDGID 18V batteries which are, of course, sold separately. There’s an LED indicator for each port that provides immediate state-of-charge feedback, and a temperature delay LED that indicates when a battery is too hot or too cold to begin charging. The device also has an energy saving mode.