EVO Eclipse from Gemini

EVO Eclipse Is a Clear, White or Tint-able and Easy-To-Use Waterborne Coating

Gemini Industries in El Reno, Oklahoma has introduced a new, safe, easy-to-use cabinet coating called Eclipse, which is part of its Evo product line. The company was founded in 1964 and offers a complete line of wood finishing products including conversion varnishes, pre-catalyzed lacquers, stains, primers, sealers and more.

The new Eclipse is a waterborne coating that’s available in white, clear and a full range of tint bases. It’s part of Gemini’s Hydro-Pure® waterborne coatings, which are completely formaldehyde and HAPs free, have extremely low VOCs, and have no odor. They provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution for wood coating needs while still being very tough and durable. This family of coatings is easier to apply than most low VOC solvent-based products, and there’s no need for thinners. Evo Eclipse is smooth off the gun and easy to use – just stir and go. It’s exceptionally durable right out of the can and may be further enhanced by adding Gemini’s waterborne hardener. It’s extremely safe, has virtually no odor, and woodworkers can add Gemini’s unique anti-microbial protection for even more peace of mind. Eclipse is ideal for kitchen cabinets, architectural millwork, wood furniture, interior doors and moldings, field finishing on-site, refinishing, and jobs that require anti-microbial protection. There’s a dealer locator on the website.