Fanuc's LR Mate 200iD/14L

Fanuc’s New Robot Arm Can lift More and Reach Farther

Woodshops that are finding it hard to hire help on the shop floor might be interested in a new collaborative robot from Fanuc. It can be programmed to pick parts, tend machines, do glue-ups and assemble, among other tasks. The newest addition, the LR Mate 200iD/14L, has a reach of 911 mm (35.86”) and can handle loads up to 14 kg (more than 30 lbs). It has six axes, so it can twist and reach in virtually any direction.

The Rochester Hills, Michigan company’s LR Mate robot series has been going strong since 1992, with over 70,000 units now working in all kinds of industries. Compact, easy to use, and extremely versatile, this newest member of the family increases the series to ten models of tabletop industrial robots. These are lightweight units that are often compared to the size of a person’s arm and they can be equipped with a variety of intelligent features including robot vision and force sensing, for even higher levels of accuracy and productivity. A collaborative robot is an arm that can sense and avoid nearby humans, so it can work safely alongside people in a work cell.

Enhanced, compact mechanical construction allows the 200iD/14L to have the highest payload of the series. Its high rigidity and advanced servo technology deliver smooth motion at high speeds. And it’s very accurate – it offers 0.01 mm repeatability.

Offering an exceptional weight-payload ratio with a weight of 27 kg and payload of 14 kg, this model is ideal for compact robot cells, production lines and installation directly into or onto machines. It has very high-speed and accurate movement (Fanuc’s terminology is “moment and inertia at wrist”), so this is a perfect solution for high productivity robotic handling, robotic machine tending and robotic assembly applications. It is easy to integrate and, thanks to multiple mounting positions, it can be located almost anywhere including extremely narrow spaces. That’s because the slim arm and compact footprint minimizes interference to peripheral devices such as aggregate heads or CNC vacuum systems.

The new robot is available in three variations: standard, short, and long arm. Shops have a choice of strengths from 4kg to 14kg wrist load capacity, with up to six-axis articulation. There’s an option for running all the cables through the arm for iRVision, force sensing, Ethernet and auxiliary axes. It also has an IP67 rating, which allows operation in woodshop environments with dust. Plus, the 200iD/14L works with Fanuc’s offline programming software Roboguide, which is lets integrators, planners and users design cells, systems and motions offline.

There’s a brief introductory video which will probably load without sound (you’ll need to turn it on if you want to hear the techno music soundtrack).

In a related bit of news, WoodEzine reported in March on a new feature from Fanuc that allows its CNCs to directly program robots through G-code.

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