Fast and Visible New Glue


On May 27th, Titebond introduced a new PVA wood glue called Speed Set that sets in half the time of other PVA glues. That cuts clamp time to just 15 minutes. The glue is 60% solids and can fill small gaps in joints. It’s also fluorescent, so woodworkers simply shine a black light on the wood to quickly see and sand away any excess glue on the wood. Speed Set is viscous enough for use on shop machinery, and is water cleanable in the wet state. It dries translucent and was developed for interior use only. The new glue is 15% stronger than Titebond Original. Developed for larger woodworking operations, it is offered in larger containers including one-gallon bottles, the 2.15-gallon PROjug and five-gallon pails. It’s available through cabinet shop distributors and woodworking specialty stores, including Rockler.