Floating & Hidden Shelf Brackets | Woodezine
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Floating & Hidden Shelf Brackets


A&M Hardware, Inc. has introduced some new brackets that can add a clean look to kitchens, baths and even commercial spaces. Both the Floating Shelf and Hidden Shelf Brackets are designed to make hanging a shelf quick and easy. Both brackets have more than enough strength, and both brackets can be completely hidden in a boxed shelf. The floating option (white powder-coated) are available in 6″, 9″ and 12″ lengths, are 1.75″ tall x 1.5″ wide x .25″ thick, and are rated for 2000, 1500 and 1000 lbs respectively. The brackets must be mounted directly to the stud for maximum strength, can be hidden in a boxed shelf and are packaged 2 per box. The hidden versions come one in a box, are 1.5″ tall x 20″ wide x .25″ thick and are rated for 450, 400 and 350 lbs.